Over Php9M Worth of Contraband Seized in Manila

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Over Php9M Worth of Contraband Seized in Manila

The Optical Media Board conducted an entrapment operation last January 7, 2020 at Binondo, Manila successfully confiscating Php9.760M worth of contraband.

The operation stemmed from a tip by a reliable source informing agents of the OMB that JTG Online Shop, located at Masangkay Street, Tondo Manila, was allegedly selling, importing and distributing large amounts of blank optical media discs without the necessary license from OMB. Posing as a businessman looking for a capable supplier of large orders of blank DVDs, an OMB agent was able to conduct business with JTG Online Shop. The agent was then led to an old building located at Toress Street, Binondo, Manila. After positively identifying the contrabands, the undercover agent signaled the backup OMB agents to rush in and conduct the enforcement operation.

Seized from JTG Online Shop are 104 boxes of blank optical media discs and 60 boxes of Chinese children’s movies with erased SID Codes. SID Codes or the Source Identification Code is a system of codes used to identify the source of all optical media mastered, manufactured or replicated by any establishment or entity. Title IV, Rule 1 Section 1 (b) (iii) of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9239 otherwise known as the Optical Media Act of 2003 states that defacing, removing, erasing, and obliterating the SID or other codes on manufacturing equipment, parts or optical media is punishable by law.

JTG Online Shop is facing administrative and criminal charges for violations of Republic Act 9239. If found guilty, the people responsible for this act will face maximum imprisonment of up to six (6) years and a fine of up to One Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 1,500,000.00) per violation.#

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