Metro Manila Inspection Operations

On May 08, 2017, OMB Agents implemented the inspection of business stalls located in Yes Hotel Building, along Hidalgo Street, Quiapo Manila, a known “hot spot” in Metro Manila where illegal compact discs are openly sold to the public.

Said operations caught off guard pirate CD vendors which led to the seizure of five hundred sixty seven (567) sacks of pirated CDs/DVDs of different format and titles, amounting to an estimated value of PhP15.40-Million. 10 tower burners and 105 DVD writers valued at PhP495, 250.00, were also confiscated to prevent its use in the illegal reproduction of compact discs.

Intensified enforcement against violators of Republic Act. No. 9239 (or the Optical Media Act of 2003) is one of the supply-reduction schemes in the OMB's Road Map to possibly limit, if not totally eradicate, the ill effects of pirated compact discs to legitimate industries and the government as well.

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